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    Coworking spaces and the remote work lifestyle

    Since the epidemic outbreak, the way we work has altered more than in the previous two decades. Employee choices are shaping the future of the working environment, which some call a revolution.

    One trend that is gaining traction is coworking. It was previously only available to freelancers and entrepreneurs. In other words, no one is working full-time in a corporate office. Coworking might be a feasible solution for staying productive while avoiding feelings of loneliness as the number of remote employees grows tremendously.

    Each choice offers advantages and disadvantages, and it’s critical to weigh each factor in light of your business growth and team requirements. Here’s how to figure out which is best for your company.

    Working remotely

    Choosing when and where to work is one of the most exciting aspects of running a business. You may not even require an office, depending on your business. Working from home or remotely might be a great option, but it comes with benefits and drawbacks.

    Working from home advantages

    • Time is saved

    Working from home allows you to save time that would otherwise be spent traveling or utilizing public transit.

    • Cost-cutting

    Working from home eliminates the need to pay rent for an office location, and you may deduct some business expenditures like your laptop, phone bill, and office equipment from your taxes.

    • Work-life balance

    You have the freedom to put your kids on the bus, walk the dog, cook supper, and more when you work from home. Working from home makes it simpler to balance work and life.

    The disadvantages of working remotely

    • There isn’t enough room for meetings

    If you need to meet with clients for your business, bringing them to your house is not good. You may always meet in a public place, such as a neighborhood coffee shop.

    • Productivity has decreased

    Entrepreneurs that operate from home must be highly focused. Staying productive when working from home can be challenging with pets, children, laundry, and other household duties.

    • Lack of collaboration 

    Working from home and not having face-to-face contact with colleagues and clients can lead to a lack of teamwork, despite video conferencing, chats, and SMS.

    Working from a shared workspace

    A coworking space might be a cost-effective choice for entrepreneurs who aren’t ready to commit to regular office space but want to work from home.

    The advantages of coworking spaces

    • Human connection and socialization

    Working at a coworking space gives you access to other professionals, which may help lift your spirits and inspire you.

    • Business relationships

    Coworking spaces may be beneficial for making new contacts and generating new business. You can network like a pro in a workplace full of enthusiastic, hard-working people.

    The disadvantages of coworking spaces

    • Distractions

    Many coworking spaces have open floor patterns, making it simple to become sidetracked. Although some coworking spaces have individual offices, others will be using the corridors and shared areas.

    • Additional expenses

    Although most coworking spaces include furniture and basic facilities (such as coffee and water), you must still pay rent. Coworking spaces are commonly priced, depending on the size and location of the room.

    Which is the best option for your business growth?

    Keep these extra considerations in mind when selecting whether to work from home or a coworking facility.

    Productivity is an important consideration, and you are the most outstanding judge of your work style. If you think you’ll be more productive at home, then don’t bother looking for a coworking space. However, if you work better in a more professional setting, it might be a wise purchase.

    When picking a venue, keep the social component in mind. Being surrounded by others who share your interests may motivate and distract you.

    Finally, there’s the financial aspect. You may sometimes get the best of both worlds, depending on the terms of the coworking space.

    Why should you choose Workly?

    Workly provides completely functional coworking spaces in Delhi and Noida for Rs. 6999 per month. It provides quiet workstations, permanent team offices, and communal desk spaces to entrepreneurs and creative leaders in their private workspace.

    Individuals and teams can access a variety of places and levels of accessibility, including Virtual Offices, Meeting Rooms, and Gallery floors, depending on their size and space requirements.

    Workly’s membership packages emphasize the building’s community, cultural programs, and handy food and beverage options. Screening rooms, private phone booths, in-house production services, and other facilities.

    Other Workly features include:

    1. High-speed Fiber Internet
    2. Onsite staff to greet your clients and visitors
    3. Snacks, coffee, and water are available in the office area.
    4. Multiple Workly conference rooms are available.
    5. Unified Messaging and eFax are included in live phone answering.
    6. Memberships are offered in our freshly redesigned open coworking space.
    7. Community networking activities that are enjoyable

    Workly’s team is always available to assist you in selecting the best plan for your specific needs. If you want more customized plans, don’t hesitate to contact our specialists at +91-997-178-8445 or email us at at any time.
    We will be happy to assist you. You may also talk to us at Nehru Place 310, 3rd Floor, Hemkunt Chambers, 110019.


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