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    How to deal with boredom in the Workplace

    WORKPLACE. For some people, the very word conjures images of enslavement – a walled structure filled with drudgery where hours have to be logged in and time has to be spent until the glorious release of the weekend. For others, the workplace is a setting where they pursue all their dreams, with opportunities to learn, grow and evolve.

    But, every single person who has ever worked somewhere, no matter at what end of the love-hate work spectrum they are, have one thing in common. Every single worker has, at some point, been bored in their workplace.

    Be it a worker who despises his job and only sees it as a means to pay off his bills, or someone who is living their dreams by having a job they love, or even someone who works in an unconventional setting, for instance – their home or a studio, the truth is that boredom in the workplace is an affliction which will strike every single one of us at some time (hopefully not too often) during our professional life, no matter how in love with our jobs we are.

    However, there is some good news at the end of this rather bleak diagnosis; which is, that boredom in the workplace, if managed resourcefully, can be used as an effective tool not only for self-growth, but in ways which would be of use to the organisation/workplace itself. Some of the best methods in which boredom in the workplace can be dealt with are :

    Indulge in some physical labour – Perhaps the best way to get rid of boredom at work is simply to get up and spend some time in a physical activity you enjoy. It might be in the shape of a quick workout in the office gym or a simple walk in the outdoors. Exercise, even in a mild amount, has been proven to release stress, increase stamina and improve enthusiasm. You will find that a simple walk around the neighbourhood would give you a fresh perspective and renewed vigour when you get back to your work, eliminating the sense of boredom you were feeling earlier.

     – Socialising and talking to your co-workers is a great method of dealing with boredom at work. Not only does it help to pass time and distract oneself, but also, knowledge about your fellow employees can prove to be advantageous in the long run. The more you know about your co-workers, the more it would assist you during leadership roles in your organisation. Apart from this, this could lead to life-long friendships which would make your professional life a lot easier.

    Learn new skills
     – It is often said that no knowledge ever goes to waste. Boredom in the workplace can be used as an opportunity to brush up on knowledge or develop new skills. A new addition to the skill-arsenal can be an extremely handy tool in one’s career. A new language, computing knowledge, even watching and learning about cooking recipes can contribute to your all-round growth while keeping boredom at bay. Even if these skills are not relevant to the job of the individual, they will help him/her out in the long run.

    Make work fun
     – Another interesting method by which successful people get rid of boredom at work is by making their mundane work tasks seem fun. By being creative and using tactics like challenging yourself with fresh goals every once in a while, handing out of rewards for accomplishments, celebrating milestones or simply colour-coding your documents, you can keep yourself refreshed whenever boredom strikes.

    Games and activities
     – “Work hard and play harder” is the motto of several organisations. It has been seen that an enjoyable working environment filled with games, activities and healthy competition is conducive to increased morale as well as reduction in the boredom levels of employees. For this purpose, indoor games like mini-basketball, snooker, cards, carrom or chess can be set up and played with fellow workers in the workplace and other group activities may be organised. Apart from being a method of dealing with boredom, this also provides workers the chance of getting to know co-workers in an interesting way and forming bonds.

    Personalise your workplace
     – With the number of hours one spends there, the workplace is rightly regarded as a person’s second home. The next time you are bored at work, staring blankly at the computer screen or the walls, you could utilise this time to add a personal touch to your surroundings. An injection of colour, personal memorabilia, photographs, inspirational quotes etc to the workplace would not only help you to take your mind off work during phases of lethargy but also reduce the chances of you getting bored in the future. The more comfortable and invested in your workplace you are, the lesser is the chance of boredom there.

    In the end, it must be said that while it is normal to feel bored in the workplace, it is something which you can use to your advantage. Every time boredom rears its ugly head, it is an opportunity to work towards development, bring about change, and discover personal and professional facets you might previously have been unaware of. Thus, using boredom as an avenue to happiness in the workplace is one of the best mantras to success, and must be recognised as such.

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