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    Workplace Standards at Workly

    Workplace Standards at Workly

    The workplace is rapidly changing. Technology advancements, regulatory
    changes, and sociological trends present new problems and possibilities.
    Companies must be willing to transform every area of their workplace design to
    thrive. Giving employees a voice and understanding their demands will be critical
    to its success.

    As a result, we’re releasing our top workplace trends for 2022 here at Workly.

    Flexibility is the new normal
    For a long time, the trend toward activity-based work has been rising. The
    physical workplace must stay modular and adaptable, with the ability to be
    physically altered by space managers or users themselves to respond to
    ever-changing demands effectively.
    As everyday activities shift from intensive brainstorming to heads-down work,
    solitary chairs can become a team space. Meeting rooms can be reconfigured
    into private offices, all smoothly enabled by technologies with built-in adaptability.

    Sustainable Design
    Today, sustainability is a hot topic and is here to stay, but it’s important to
    remember that sustainability is not a fad. For a long time, the importance of
    sustainability has increased for businesses of all kinds, industries, and regions,
    and there have been some positive steps toward a greener society in recent
    years. Still, people don’t want to lose this momentum. Nearly half of the
    workforce admits that they are more environmentally conscious at home than at
    work. Companies are also under pressure from consumers and rivals to become
    more sustainable, but they recognize sustainability as a crucial driver of success.
    In fact, among organizations aiming to expand, sustainability is rated as the
    fourth most essential development factor.

    Co-Working and Embracing Community
    Corporations will struggle to define themselves since their employees have
    altered the game and are no longer readily engaged. Building culture was difficult
    enough before, but it will be considerably more difficult when you can’t collect
    your employees in one spot.

    Creative coworking spaces will pick up the slack and cultivate a culture and
    community for their employees. Babysitting, podcast rooms, rooftop gardens, and
    meditation rooms are just a few popular features. Well-being and health are vital,
    and a workplace that can provide this will be even more critical in 2022. While
    also meeting a social need, doing so will appeal to most individuals in the
    modern workforce.

    ‘Boundaryless’ Work styles that are hybrid
    If you live in another country, work from home may have gone from an option to
    order, back to an opportunity, and then back to a choice. From that standpoint,
    it’s been a tumultuous couple of years! Boundaryless implies that you can work
    from anywhere, as many recently discovered. Boundary-less hybrid working
    styles include hybrid, hub and spoke, flexible, and coworking.
    Offering employees the freedom to move between spaces and places and a
    variety of sitting and desk placements and task-based working is critical in
    attracting top talent. Employees want to feel cared for and have a healthy
    environment to execute their responsibilities.

    Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality
    Augmented analytics for high-level planning, AI and Augmented systems for
    collaboration with dispersed teams and distant colleagues, and as a tool to
    engage with customers and clients are all examples of how AI is becoming more
    widespread in our daily life.

    As a result, workly is a one-stop destination with all amenities. The current
    market trend is kept in mind and incorporated within the system. It is flexible and

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